Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings were popular in the past but the textured surface tends to hold onto dust and provides a great place for cobwebs to form. Also, making repairs to an existing popcorn ceiling can be problematic as it’s difficult to match a treatment that was applied several years ago.

Often, the best option is to remove it altogether. We have a thorough process for popcorn removal that will leave your ceiling looking like new!

 Removing an old popcorn ceiling.

Our Process:

  1. Cover everything in detail - removal can be a messy process!
  2. Remove the popcorn
  3. Lightly sand the ceilings with a sander attached to a HEPA vacuum
  4. Clean the ceilings to remove any dust left behind by the vacuum
  5. Oil prime the ceilings
  6. Mud the ceilings to fill in any blemishes uncovered in the removal process
  7. Sand, clean, and prime the areas that received mud
  8. Apply the 1st coat of paint
  9. Recheck ceilings for any blemishes that are still visible 
  10. Apply the 2nd coat of paint

Call us today and update those old ceilings!