Financial Institutions

Burlett Painting works with banks to schedule work during non-working hours, starting on a Friday evening and finishing on a Sunday to have it ready to open on Monday. The Burlett team consists of over 10 team members working 12 hour days.



Burlett Painting works with faith-based institutions to schedule work beginning on Monday and finishing by Saturday so as not to interrupt Sunday services. 

Ebenezer Baptist Church






First United Methodist Church


FUM-Facade.jpeg FUM-After.jpeg   
 FUM Before
 FUM During 



Naples Baptist Church





Health Care/Medical Practices

Burlett Painting works with Hospitals, Medical Offices, and Dental Offices by working around holiday weeks or long holiday weekends when offices are closed for the week or for two days plus the weekend so as not to interrupt business services.

Orchard Hill Dental

Over holiday weekend, the Burlett team came into the practice with equipment in place, properly covered all equipment, cabinetry and flooring and removed wallpaper, primed and completely painted the interior. 

 Exam room prepped for painting newly painted exam room
Before and after photos of medical exam room prepped for painting and when finished.


Cabinetry prepped for painting Newly painted cabinetry
Office cabinetry prepped for painting and when finished.

Condos/Town Homes/Apartments

Burlett Painting works with Property Managers to service the property’s routine maintenance painting needs, consistently painting only what’s needed each year and rotating.

Interior – Kitchen Cabinets, Wallpaper Removal, Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Lead Paint Removal. 
Exterior – IPE Decks, Lead Paint Removal, Yearly Maintenance Clean for houses we have already painted.