5 Important Ways to Prep Your Home for Winter

Our WNC weather can be fickle in the months of October and November — we often find ourselves wearing a coat one day and shorts the next! But sooner or later, freezing temperatures will arrive, so now is the time to prep your home for winter. By following these five tips now, you’ll save yourself the headache of higher energy bills and costly repairs down the road:

Pollination Collaboration: A Hendersonville Mural Brings Awareness to the Honey Bee!

Burlett Painting was pleased to BEE a part of our community’s efforts to raise awareness of the importance of the honey bee. We recently donated our services to paint the back exterior of the Hands On! Children’s Museum in downtown Hendersonville in preparation for world-renowned artist Matt Willey, who will arrive on October 26 to paint a bee mural on the wall!

Matt is the founder of The Good of the Hive, whose mission is to bring awareness to planetary health issues through art and storytelling. As a part of that mission, Matt is committed to painting 50,000 honey bees — the number of bees in a healthy hive — in murals around the world. Matt has created 27 murals with over 5,400 bees in the past five years.

Why You Should NEVER Paint Over Mold

Mold is a fungus that loves to live in humid rooms of your home, like the bathroom or the basement. It comes in an array of unappetizing colors, like yellow, green, brown, or even white — but the most dangerous type of mold is black. If you’re painting your house and encounter mold, you’ll need to take steps to ensure you kill it at its source.

The Hazards of Lead Paint: How to Protect Yourself

If your home or office was built before 1978, there’s a good chance it was painted with lead-based paint. Exposure to lead-based paint can be very dangerous, especially to infants, children, and women who are pregnant, so it’s important to know how to protect your family and yourself.

Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior With a Fresh Coat of Paint

The exterior of your home is one of the first impressions people have of your property, so the colors you choose are crucial. But selecting the right type and color of paint can be daunting — there are literally thousands of combinations, and the cost of exterior paint is not inexpensive. If you end up unhappy with the result, repainting will cost you time and money. Here’s what you can do to choose paint that complements your home and that will last.