A professional commercial painter is an incredible investment for your business. A coat of fresh paint on the exterior and interior spaces can make a huge difference in the way your employees, customers, and potential customers view you. A great way to upgrade your business is by choosing and hiring a professional commercial painter for the job.

When painting an office or business building, it’s important to find the right company. The right company will have the skills, staff, tools and ability to complete the work in a timely fashion without skimping on details. Experienced painters can help you choose color schemes best for the office and your business and can be an asset to your branding and brand awareness, which are crucial to getting you the customers you’re after.

Professional work with is of high quality, with experienced and vetted staff to ensure you and your business’s safety and happiness for the duration of the project. Keep reading below for more reasons you should choose a professional, commercial painter for all your project’s needs.

1. Quality of work. The quality of professional work with outdo any DIY paint job any day. When you hire a pro, the results will be long-lasting, attractive, and ensures no mess will be left behind for you to clean up. A good paint job that is done with skill and precision will likely last many, many years.

2. Timely completion. Have you ever tried to sit down and do a DIY one weekend and after a couple of hours something else comes up and you’re distracted from the initial project? Well, when you have a pro do your painting, it will be done as soon as reasonably possible and look well done and stunning.

3. No Clean-Up Required! - Arguably one of the best reasons to outsource your painting endeavor is the simple fact that professionals will clean up any messes they make to ensure the paint job looks great once it’s finished. This can help ease your mind and not have to worry about cleaning up a mess from a DIY project which may take as long as, if not longer to get back too once complete. You're busy, let us do the clean up.

4. Bonded, Licensed, and Insured. The right commercial painting business should be bonded, licensed, and insured in the event there is an accident and your business either needs repairs before undertaking the project, or someone gets hurt on the job. If something happens, it will be taken care of for you via insurance claims and licensure requirements.

5. Minimal Interruption of Business Operations. Just because your business is being re-painted, doesn’t mean that your general operations have to stop. Commercial painters are able to work quietly, effectively, and with as little disturbance as possible so that your business can still be up and running throughout the project preventing interruptions of revenue and customer service. Many commercial painters will have flexible hours that they can accommodate your operations in order to minimize disruption during normal business hours.

6. Written and Signed Contracts. Contracts are the name of the game for businesses, and this includes for renovation or work to be done on businesses. A contract protects both your business and the company by outlining what is to be done and includes sections for an agreed upon color or other parts of the work that may require a little more than a handshake.

7. Commercial Painting Experience. You should never try and hire an amateur for the job you need done. Commercial painting requires a different skill set and knowledge type than that of a general residential painter, and a knowledge of the safest paints and equipment for the job. Depending on the business, certain paints may be required to allow a business to run safely. For example, a hospital or doctor’s office may need to use an anti-microbial paint to allow for disinfecting rooms, or low and zero VOC paint so that people who are suffering from health conditions such as Asthma will be less likely to be bothered by strong paint fumes.

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring a professional commercial painter for your business. To learn more about questions you should ask when hiring a painter, as well as things to look for when considering hiring a professional paint company, click here.

Here at Burlett Paint, we are experienced in commercial painting and we offer free estimates for our clients before hiring us! To learn more about what commercial services we offer, head over to our commercial services page here.