Happy Summer!

Summer is arguably one of the best seasons for many, filled with outdoor adventures, get-togethers, weddings, cookouts, hiking, swimming, vacations, and more. In Western North Carolina, there is no shortage of things to do in the area, and whilst people are busy buzzing about, you may be considering an update to your home’s curb appeal to show off to guests!

The benefits of curb appeal are numerous. It makes your home feel more homey, fresh, and inspiring, and it also may help your home sell if and when you decide to look for another house or move somewhere else.

Here are some great ideas to add curb appeal to your home!

• Paint window shutters and door trims.

It’s truly miraculous what a fresh coat of paint can do to refresh your home. If your shutters and door trims are beginning to look a little less than flattering, consider painting them for a pop of color and a well-maintained look.

• Clean up your yard and remove any unsightly objects or trash laying around.

Keeping your home and yard clean and free of debris is a free curb appeal option (unless you have to pay for trash removal!) that can totally transform your home's outdoor space. This can include cleaning out the gunk in your gutters.

• Paint your front door.

Another common way to add curb appeal to your Biltmore Forest home is by painting the front door. This can make your home stand out and make a statement.

• Plant a few trees or flowers.

Nice landscaping makes a huge difference in the way your home is perceived by others. If planting sounds like too much work, or you’re a renter, or about to sell your home, you can always opt for container gardening to create a pleasant curb appeal while also having the benefits of portability in case you plan on moving soon.

• Paint the exterior of your home.

Consider hiring Burlett Painting to paint your home’s exterior, beef up the property value, and protect your home from the elements and peeling. A freshly painted house is one of the first steps in improving the appearance and aesthetic of your home.

• Paint your mailbox.

Who says that mailboxes have to be boring and plain? It might be a small thing, but painting your mailbox can inject a little personality into your home’s overall look, and make it easier for your mailperson to find it, resulting in fewer missing packages.

• Add window boxes.

Bonus points if you build and paint them yourself! Window boxes can add charm to your home’s curb appeal, and make a spectacle of some well-placed flowers.

• Pressure-wash your home, driveway, patio, deck, or walkways.

A clean house is a pretty house. After years of withstanding harsh weather, winds, and dirt build-up, houses get filthy. Pressure washing can help! If you don’t have a pressure watcher, hire Burlett Painting to power-wash the outside of your Hendersonville home.

• Add a fence.

This may conjure images of white picket fences and the American Dream. Use that to your advantage to update your home’s curb appeal while simultaneously keeping annoying neighbors and trespassers out. Bonus points if you want to paint the fence, which we can help you with!

Updating your curb appeal has many benefits for your home and property. If you’re ready to get the process started, contact us for a quote! Our experienced, friendly, and professional team is ready to help your Western North Carolina home become its best!